So, for the mix – I’m a disciple just trying to figure a few things out on the journey. I’m hoping this blog can play a couple of roles:

-offer content/resource to people who don’t have access to the same experiences and community that I do

– create a safe space where we can sit in some of the unaswerable questions together

Dave Andrews has recently re-written the serenity prayer to say “Lord, give me courage to accept the people I cannot change, the wisdom to change the one I can and the wisdom to know it’s me”

here’s a bit of a quote re: what I’m dying to from when I was baptised:

…the thing is, I’m a broken person in a broken world.  I make mistakes sometimes and bad choices, choices that hurt myself and choices that hurt other people. That story I’m a part of, that story of Jesus, and the story in my name, little girl get up, means I don’t get tied down or held back by that stuff. God’s grace lets me get back up and give it a go another day. There’s a freedom in that – a fearlessness that gives me security to take risks, acceptance that tells me I am never alone and a purpose that makes my life significant regardless of any very material achievement. And it’s from that position of freedom, of grace, that I have a different filter to understand reality and the way of life I want to live.

Hope there is something in this that blesses and challenges you fellow sojourner…

I tell you arise.

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