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I hold the cosmos

We are looking for bears. We are looking for Easter eggs. We looking for ways to connect and be together while we are apart. We are looking for ways to show care for, and bring joy to, our neighbours and neighbourhood. We are looking for ways to make people smile and I am encouraged. #looking #titiroana

Today we got a kitten. He’s pretty great. His name is Ragnar. #great #hira

Today we celebrate. We celebrate you exist. The spark of life that’s in only you and no one else. Lashings of strawberries and cream and love. #celebrate #whakahari

I’ve been thinking about how to mark celebrations recently as balloons, party poppers, confetti and glitter seem to be becoming things of the past as plastic becomes increasingly taboo.

This is a range of gum leaf confetti: pink, green, rainbow, gold… native, natural and bright.

Let plastic be taboo… but not joy. Not the part of you that is whimsical, playful and seeks to celebrate life. Find new ways to do the same old things #celebrate #whakahari

Advent word: Restore

Sometimes there can be no restoration, however there can be appreciation of the new form in its own right #restore #whakahoki #adventwords2019

Whole worlds

Whole worlds becoming
At the tips of her fingers
Weaving sticks and stories
Into a landscape of happening
For who, what, why…?
She delights in her creation
And Creation delights in her

Talitha Fraser

A man struts


A man struts
the ramp to the platform
pausing here and there
to strike glamour-pose
between gyrating dance moves
and smooth hip-swinging
and off-key singing.
I smile, everyone smiles.
What a Monday morning.
What a beautiful morning.

Talitha Fraser

fragments in the dreaming


fragments in the dreaming

skittish across the landscape of my mind

some disparate thoughts slow

go side by side mismatched  a way

sometimes they chase each other

along and around – chasing, racing

and I am there with my

reins of reason to draw them in

I seek rest, a blank unknowing

and have instead this kaleidoscope

of people, stories, ideas, words

I seek to, and do, resist it

but sometimes, rarely, I join the

Dance and explore a terrain

both fearsome and wondrous

Talitha Fraser



You are
expected and yet
the Deliverer of
spontaneous delight
and sacred ordinary things
Yours is the light
that wreathes my life
in flowers and
shows me how
to See

Talitha Fraser