There is something to the rhythm of life here.  Our days are shaped by liturgy at breakfast, lunch and dinner (most days), from organic food brought at the local farmers market where we know the vendors by name, to a walk through the chaparral countryside recognising the oak trees, mallow, sage we tend in the garden (Ched has learned to take cuttings from natives).  We check the weather report daily – checking for rain (the river is empty), frost (protect the citrus and avocado trees) and while we’re there, we check the surf forecast also – checking tide, temperature and wind direction.  We do a lap of the yard almost daily – remarking on developments new buds, early blossom, pruning requirements…

I’m living more in the ‘present’ than I can remember in a long time.

In the evening we sit out by the horno (clay oven) and can see the North Star and Milky Way…

My heart is ready, O God;
I will sing your praise.
Your steadfast love is higher than the heavens,
And your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens,
And let your glory shine over all the earth. (Psalm 57:5)

What does that mean? Let your glory shine…?  We talk back and forth, about animism and anarchical primitivism, I learn the difference between pantheism and panentheism and for a moment I think to myself, “what a wonderful world…”