Padraig O Tuama is in town as resident poet for 3 months with the Uniting Church, I believe his greatest gift to me has been sharing his whole truth and the space that he creates that invites me to share my own – and the shared healing that is found through that.

These are snippets from tonight “poetry, prayer, promise & protest speaking to humanity’s hidden yearning for decency, goodness, survival and companionship” which may not make sense out of context but might be enough to inspire you to look further (books on Amazon) or ask me about it someday…

Trinity in me: hopeful theist, agnostic and someone in pain

In Irish no words for yes or no. Will answer “I will”, “I can”, “Tis”, “May be so”

God of watching * God of silence * God of darkness

Why do we have to dehumanise to delineate?

Once I was blind, now I’m blinder still

The people stood in darkness and in it became their light.

Appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM)
“You never liked me much did you..”
“No. No, I didn’t”
“That’s ok”

Moments of consolation in the midst of desolation

God is the crack where the story starts and we are the crack where the story gets interesting.

“It is in the shelter of each other that people live”