Reflections on “Making Space” – Pohl

Living into community

  • gratitude
  • keeping promises
  • speaking truth
  • hospitality

Cultivating the practices that sustain us.


Thou hast given me so much, give me one thing more… grateful heart – pulsing out beat of thankfulness for whatever is going on around you.

Communities that struggle are the most joyful > negro spirituals: deep pain, deep joy

We don’t know full stories – how our stories end, be happy with where we are.

Our gratitude is linked to expectations – for some people in the world to be given 3 meals a day > very grateful. Now we can eat whenever we want… it’s a given… a “norm”, we take it for granted and it will take something more/extra/different to be grateful again. Discipline of saying grace.

Have a choice to give out of our burden of wealth. Responsibility to share what we have.

Desire for things to be different vs. grateful for what we have > tension.

Where have we seen models/rituals/rhythms of gratitude done well? > noticing comes before gratitude.

  • Credo Tuesday Gathering and prayers
  • Lighting candles/prayers for others à physical actions
  • The Artists Way affirmations and dates – Julia Cameron
  • The OK line

ok line

Builds resilience
in the spectrum, not so bad
episode > moves
reflect, build confidence.