sunset lake cassitasI have carried this book 7 Sacred Pauses in my handbag for months – I was invited to a contemplative retreat where this is the tool used to frame the rhythm of prayer and I wanted it to be familiar. If I posted here everytime I’ve copied out a passage of the book in my journal I would have breached copyright by now – pulled it out on the bus, in my lunch hour, waiting on someone to show up… incidental rather than disciplined sacredness but it sings to my soul and I highly recommend it (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Macrina Wiederkehr, Seven Sacred Pauses, .p62

Gently lay your hands upon your lips, longing for the grace to speak only words that are helpful this day. Remember the words that you have already spoken. You cannot take them back. Bless them and let them go.

O Word Made Flesh, stand guard at the gate of my mouth. Be my voice this day that the words I speak will be healing, affirming, true and gentle. Give me wisdom to think before I speak. Bless the words in me that are waiting to be spoken. Live and abide in my words so that others will feel safe in my presence. Surprise me with words that have come from you. Oh, place my words in the kiln of your heart that they may be enduring and strong, tempered and seasoned with love and resilience. Give me a well-trained tongue that has been borne out of silent listening in the sanctuary of my heart. May my words become love in the lives of others.