Get into Talking Circles and discuss reflections on the week and Commitments and Conspiracies

Mountain – need to pack up all this stuff and feelings and take to the place I came from. Elijah and Moses are out of sight > one step at a time. What is manageable and measurable?

What do you need to learn about your place/watershed?

Who do you reach out to? Who is deeper in the story than you are?

Who could you create spaces like this with?

Strongman – those things deep inside that get in the way of our discipleship known to God.

Lack confidence story is interesting or good enough? Competitive? Hurt/angst? What do you need to let go of? Addictions?

Stone – God is God. God rolled away the stone. “We have a Saviour, we need a priest.” Not saviours >disciples… wherever we go, Jesus went first…

Where in your life are you struggling to believe Jesus has gone first? Hitting head against the wall instead of asking God for help? Where are you trying to be the Saviour?


…now what?


Liturgist: Rose Berger
Share Communion

A Love supreme…(repeated)

Takes us to a hard and complicated place but the invitation was simple. Invited friends to the tables… enemies too. Body broken, to feed you. Drink it. Also poured out, in a violent way… might happen to you too.

There is love [peace/life] in the blood of the Lamb
There is power [peace/life] in the blood, and the power [peace/life] is love


Sing about it until it can be realised

– Ched Myers

between seminary sacred street soilMural by Carnival de Resistance artist Dimitri Kadiev