005The Purpose behind questions is to intiate the quest ~ Phil Cousineau

Think of a question to ask your inner monk, your inner artist, and the two of them together.

  *   *   *

I am going to start living like a monk…

My body will be attuned to the rhythms
of the seasons and the sacred
Grace will be found in simplicity
and in profound complexity too
the flowers will be my incense and
the canopy of dappled shade the
high arches of my chapel
I will kneel there – in good earth
daisies to dust


I am going to start living like an artist…

I will listen to my body more –
not only my doing-hands but
my dancing-feet, my oustretching-arms,
my glad-heart…
I will live in and move to the
resurrection given to me new
every morning I will learn to move
like water, like butterflies and
be still like stones and breeze-stirred flowers
asking for nothing except to be accepted
for what we are.
I will learn new ways to find You,
new ways to follow You,
I will learn anew.

I am going to start living like a mystic…

In the beginning was the Word and
the Word was made flesh, my body
broken for You will speak more
loudly than my lips could ever argue
my silence in solidarity will speak more
than my suppressed, silent sexuality.
The prayers are my knowing You and
You knowing me and give shape to
the extent of my ignorance…
this will burn on a cairn made in
my watershed with these two hands
an offering, a confession, a covenant.