D         A          Bm                  G

We are dying – yet resurrected

Em       A                                  D         A

We are lost but have been found

D         A          Bm      G

This local – and this is global

Em       A7                   D         A

This is rooted in the ground.

Bm                                   D

Let us meet down by the river


G                                              F#

Where you are you and I am me


D         A                           Bm            G

We can talk and we can listen


Em       A7                D

In the river we are free

We do too much – and not enough

We are still and we’re dancing free

Take it serious – but not too much

Speak out, speak up, sit silently.

We are broken, but we are whole

We know wealth in scarcity

We are different, yet we are one

Richness in diversity

Written by: Talitha Fraser & Andrena Reale