Summer 12-13 125

… an image of God as a Tane Mahuta tree – too large to take in, too large to take with us.  We can carry smaller symbols carved out of wood that are portable, small enough to manage.  When we whittle, what gets cut away?  We need to be self-aware to the fact that any part of God that is small enough to understand, small enough to carry around, can only be some small, symbolic part of something much bigger.  We forget.  We imagine in the carved icon we can fit our hands around that we can understand all of who God is.  We can never understand all of who God is. We need to live knowing this.  We need to express our Christianity knowing this.  Anytime we imagine something is certain, something is known, God moves and invites us to come along… invites us to look with new eyes, in some new light – invites us to see.  The commitment to being a disciple of God is the commitment to move and to see again.

Talitha Fraser