Mayra & I attended the Kinsler Institute earlier this year, and were impacted by Bill Wylie-Kellerman’s workshop on Resistance and Public Liturgy and felt inspired by the Detroit walk to imagine what this might look like for our own context – what are the significant places in our neighbourhood? what are the stories that we need to hear? that we need to tell? These questions were somehow infectious and representatives of different faith communities and social justice projects came together collaboratively in our neighbourhood in a really beautiful, special and significant way around the issues of forced closure of aboriginal land, treatment of detainees in detention centres; multi-faith and multi-cultural engagement, climate change, permaculture, homelessness, and asylum seekers.

We wanted something specific to our cultural context and the resource  we based our walk on (7 Healing Rites for 7 Sites) draws on an indigenous reconciliation resource created by Dr Norman Habel – thank you Indigenous Hospitality House for pointing this out to us – and stories from our indigenous elders, Aunty Doreen Wandin on the Southern Cross constellation being a symbol of home and for navigation and Uncle Wanta Jampijimpa on the 5 stars correlating to the wounds of Jesus on the Cross.

This is a bit of a photo essay (we did an action at each stop as part of our response to the stories).

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Creator Spirit
Help us to uncover our hidden stories
Suffering God
Help our tears to flow for the pain
Reconciling Spirit
Heal our shame and our wounds, and call us into action.
Remember that justice is coming; God’s reign is coming