#LoveMakesAWay is a movement of Christians 10559953_648730211878959_441484897271009707_nseeking an end to Australia’s inhumane asylum seeker policies through prayer and nonviolent love in action.

A Christian movement based in seeking God, actions
are the last resort after other channels have been attempted and failed.  Invite the mainstream to engage.  Don’t care who knows we’re doing it, work behind the scenes, care whether the people who need it are being reached. Gospel tells us about the vision for the community that God envisions.  We want to find God in the eyes of those who are suffering.  In March 2014 1,138 children held in detention.  Non-violent direct action that creates tension, where people say “No way!” we want to present the opposing voice that “Love makes a way” in the civil disobedience traditions of Ghandi and Martin Luther King. We want to bring attention to how serious an issue is and communicate that the church is serious about it.  Encourage others to be bold and advocate in a stronger voice. 23 actions in 2014 – all agree children shouldn’t be in detention; care for them when they come out; rising up/mobilise church for policy change;  dialogue with faithful Christian conservative leaders.

The power, the glory are Yours – mean it.

Witness  of Christian faith.
Until we have a humane refugee/asylum seeker policy the LMAW campaign will continue.