Facilitated by Mehrin Almassi from the Indigenous Hospitality House, in this bible study series we will seek to make connections between the story of the nation of Israel told in Lamentations and our own national story. We will look to see whether this book may help us to address our shared histories of displacement and endeavour to distill how we might move forward as a nation in light of the biblical example.

Connection to Place

What role does a sense of place play for each of us?
What is our connection to the environment?
What is our relationship with the land?

Are there any natural places which hold significance for you? If so, how do those places make you feel?
What happens to us when we are in a place which is significant to us?
What happens when we are unable to be in places which are significant to us?

Read Lamentations 2.

What can we understand of the Israelites’ connection to place through this narrative?
How connected do they seem to their places of significance?
what impact does not being able to access their important places have on them?

Listen to Kev Carmody’s song  This Land Is Mine.

How might the biblical account help us to appreciate the experiences of the First Peoples of this land?
In what ways might we help promote reconnection with land/place/environment for indigenous peoples? For ourselves?
How might this reconnection relate to indigenous people’s experience of God? How might it relate to our experience of God?