All the signs, front and back, seem to be indicating this climate change thing is something that anyone and everyone can get behind.  That everyone should get behind.  Action on climate change is a demand for justice for our children, grandchildren and future generations and also, here in this place, I think, a demand for justice for the indigenous people of this land who have lived in tune with and attuned to country since time immemorial.  The traditionally acquired knowledge of our elders, their understanding of the interconnectedness of things, must surely have wisdom to offer and we must humble ourselves to the wilderness that cries out against its bondage to decay.

I imagine a time in the future when talking about flushing potable water sounds like heresy, when running under sprinklers in the summer sounds like a fairytale, a time when a child asks me:  “But if you knew, why didn’t you do anything?”

It is little enough.

Today: “Across the globe, 785,000 people in 175 countries hit the streets at more than 2,300 People’s Climate March events. That’s three quarters of a million people. And in Australia, we came together in record breaking numbers in more than 50 towns and cities right across the country to show the world just how much we care.” (

With our bodies, with our feet, outside, we seek to be a face to and give a voice to creation at the UN climate change summit in Paris, to our own government and politicians, to those who don’t believe its real. …that will sound like the start of a joke but it isn’t.

It is little enough.  Too little probably.  The least we can do, certainly.