It is quite a grey day so I write in yellow.  I am contrary like that and also I want to honour the the field of dandelions I am sitting in.  Nesting season is over and they have cut back the reeds so that we can see the water again – the stillness, shadows and reflections.  I lie here and just be while the birds talk amongst themselves. Not in an exclusive way, just going about their day, as I am mine, near each other.

It has been a morning of following instincts… touch, walk, taste, stretch, lie and listen.

What joy is this?

More than I deserve I am sure but my heart is glad.


Maria and I share lunch at French Baguette – $5 rolls with salty pork, fresh herbs and chilli with dressing, you have to love the Footscray cheap eats.  We talk about what is and what may be… she is gifted with dreams and visions.  We might accept things need not be easy but we pray they might be not quite so hard… have to start somewhere but God we commit this process and the 3-monthly visa application renewal to You.  Let there be security where there may be security and provision for our need – our dependence is in You, yes, and our trust and hope also.

Home to do some job applications with Mohammed.  Yes, they came here for a new start.  The reward for completing their English bridging programme is a New Start Allowance that requires 20 job applications a month.  Today, in two hours, we did four.  Mutually exhausting our capacity to explain and to understand. God, we commit this process also to Your keeping.  It would be so much easier for him to have a day pushing trolleys or stacking shelves than maintaining a commitment to 20 applications in a month.  May he find something soon Insha’Allah… as You will.

Three loads of laundry in from the line, then I head out with a ladder to pick the remaining apricots. They’re overripe but I hate to see them go entirely to the birds – especially when they are such a treat!  I have par-boiled some for stewing – pie, crumble, with muesli… and made a big batch of jam resulting in 24 jars lined up on the counter.  My impromptu jam-making catches the kitchen unawares and I realise I do not have the kilos of sugar required myself to commit to seeing the project through.  Everyone raids their cupboards in our share house and we hit our 2 kilo target finishing off 8 packets of white, castor, soft brown, raw, demerara and even then emptying the sugar bowl.

We are all in this together. Everyone has something to give.

God, I am grateful for the abundance today and every day – that meets our need.  This [January] is when we store up for times of hospitality and sharing to come.

Store us up. Store us up.