I woke at 5am today, I am trying not to fight that but listen in my body or for You.

I rise and go out to the garden and read Seven Sacred Pauses by the light of my phone.
I will keep vigil with You.  Quiet and still. Peaceful… and still a blue-beat of JOY from the soccer pitch…

I come back in passing Hawo – she has washed in purifying preparation for her own morning prayers on the mat in the lounge facing Mecca. It occurs to me that, perhaps by the time Hawo has prayed, Maria and her son will rise to say their morning Catholic prayers together before the icons on her dressing table… Bron working, a vigil of her own through the night, healing and helping.

We are a prayerful house. Not together, but prayerful seeking to talk with You and to listen.

Let us listen, and speak and keep watch, all the hours of the day.