13173164_1144078518965038_2440596399882322578_oThanks to Westfield Airport West shopping centre for hosting us for some Mothers Day (birthday… baptism…) gift wrapping fundraising yesterday – whether flowers and chocolates, craft supplies, the box pack of Downton Abbey or “something from the dog… we never did have kids”. It’s a pleasure to share with folks in their hard times and celebratory ones;  in your acts of love and kindness to one another. Your generosity supports us in acts of love and kindness to community members in need here in Footscray.

Shoot us an email if you’re interested in making a gift towards our work or volunteering with us. Although we’re responsive to the changing needs of our neighbourhood, to give you a gist at the time of posting, support would be used towards sustaining transitional housing for asylum seekers and refugees, food parcels, weekly community dinner, and maintaining our sport, music, craft and community gardening projects.