I like the word “collaborator” – it puts me in mind of a smarmily gleeful rubbing together of hands, maniaical laughter and petting long-haired white cats but, funnily enough, there was none of that taking place at the recent Australian Collaborators in Feminist Theologies Network Launch… this is a group of women and men who want to see something built up not taken over or taken apart.

I didn’t really take notes so much as quotable quotes – I’m tidying as I go so while this might not be exactly what people said it quite probably captures some of what they meant and we can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story…


Cath McKinney

“The most subversive thing you can do is enquire.
It recognises the otherness of other people.”

“It is subversive to take care of yourself –
there are lots of people who would love you to burn out (be quiet).”

“Patriarchy is limiting to both genders.
Everyone should be acknowledged and validated
for the contribution they have to offer”



Serene Jones

“80% of religious practitioners are women,
keeping things going for spiritual reasons…
Not exercising any political agency
but doing what we do with love and prayerfully”

“We think of Mamie Till whose 14 year old son was kidnapped and murdered in 1955. Till insisted on an open casket for her son, for 3 days people queued, more than 10,000 people – and the opportunity to witness became a turning point in disparity of justice for black people in America.  Only this morning we hear of this woman, Diamond Reynolds, whose husband is shot in front of her and her son – and she has recorded this on her phone… we can see the political ramifications of women choosing to act. [word-play of the poetry of Adrienne Rich] – ‘their power came from the same source as their wounds’. These women had no great power of their own – only persistence.”


“We need to acknowledge that we approach any issue
from a space of ‘implicated resistance’ – we are resisting against
but also implicit in the structures ourselves

“Sometimes I cry when I’m speaking.
Shutting down that part, shuts down others and my voice”

How you speak and live, when that’s poetic, communicates more.
How you carry your body… how energised you are…
all speaks more loudly than your content.”



Trees planted by the river, drinking grace – bearing fruit in due course.

May the Source of All Life nourish us and bind us together,
May the Wisdom of the Holy One enlighten us and enable our sharing,
And may the Courage of Holy Fire inspire is as a network of love and freedom
today and always…

And we the people say: Amen

There was prayer, singing, dancing, dreaming, round table discussion, portrait pictures, sharing, storytelling, liturgy, affirmation, celebration and collaboration –
you can join in the journey on the Facebook page.