Human consciousness projects itself.  It is dynamic and daimonic.  Its excess – like the imagination of a child – cannot be content with immediate appearance and actuality but transfigures these and moves in new geographies.  As a listener becomes aware of higher and deeper octaves, so more generally man-in-the-world takes possession of ever richer and more subtle registers of existence and maps them as best he can.

No one is going to stop human nature from its impulse to shape the mystery that lies about us. Thank the powers that be that we can dream in this sense, that we can send out feelers in the unknown and fly coloured kites into the azure or the storm.  It is as natural to fabulate as to breathe, and as necessary… the human heart would suffocate if it were restricted to logic.

p.74-75 Theopoetics, Amos Niven Wilder