Amelia Bedelia gets a job as a maid and, although she’s well-meaning and tries her best she gets everything wrong  (by following the instructions literally) and then is forgiven because she bakes.  

I see a lot of myself in her.

It’s dated, but I definitely identified with poor Amelia Bedelia getting things wrong all the time… like the time I said scathingly if I won Lotto I wouldn’t spend the money on a pool because it came from ‘a total prize pool of…’ obviously I’d already have a pool and want to send the money on something else.  Or when I was told what someones birthday present would be and entrusted to keep it secret, I could somehow never manage to keep the secret if they said they’d keep it too, somehow that made complete sense to me and I’d inevitably spoil the surprise. There was definitely a moratorium on telling me anything for a few <cough> years there.

The same way children delight in the seeming magic of the Knock, Knock joke. This was some of my first exposure to the idea of words having different meaning depending on your perspective because Amelia Bedelia wasn’t technically incorrect but was somehow always in the wrong… Oh Amelia Bedelia.