Yesterday, I headed out the backdoor to hang out the washing and heard a loud buzzing of bees. Looking around above my head, I notice that our ivy-covered shed (also known as The Hobbit Mound) is abuzz with activity. There must be 100 bees there dancing and drinking.

I google, worried we have had a hive migration but it’s simply that ivy is an autumn necessity for bees and we have an abundance. When a bee finds a good stash, it goes and does a waggle dance back at the hive to let them know where to get the good stuff. At this time of year, over 80% of what they collect might be from ivy and the nectar is 50%+ sugar. This can be what keeps a hive alive through the winter.

We know insect populations are struggling, but today that feels hard to believe – they are everywhere, they are loud, they are a beautiful sight.

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