These times we’re living in are strange. We have the long-term impacts of social and geographical isolation. We have been separated from friends, family, and favourite haunts for a long time. We did it to be safe ourselves, and to make the world safe for others. Now the messaging is changing. It seems like there’s talk about “pre-COVID” times and “post-COVID” times but what about COVID-now?

This post seeks to collate a few activities that will allow for some reflection, processing, escapism, nurture that meet you where you’re at…now.

Why creepy little skeletons?! This has been a time we are confronted by our own mortality, the mortality of those we love, the mortality of those we do not know and will never meet who are a statistic in our daily COVID status briefing. These characters engage and relate beyond gender. In many ways, enduring this pandemic has seen us stripped back to bare bones, laid naked our vulnerability – what is essential? what do I need to do to live?

What do I need to do to live?