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God –
be the Creator to the void
that’s within me
light where there is dark
something where there is vacancy
sound where there is silence
sight where I am blind.



To explain: from the Latin ‘ex-planare’, to flatten, spread out, make level. A great bulldozer will push the mountains inside the abysses and everything will be become a luminous plain under midday sun.

To explicate: from the Latin ‘explicarte’, a verb derived from ‘plicare’ which means ‘to fold’. To explicate: To eliminate all folds where darkness abides; to spread the text out, so that light will illuminate the whole surface.

A good teacher is a luminous creature.  Whenever he gets darkness disappears.  He even carries candles in his pockets, which he lights whenever he finds a dark corner on his text: footnotes…

I became sure that I was no longer a good teacher when, instead of turning the lights on, I preferred to turn them off… and I feel sorry when the sun dispels it because my imagination together with elves and leprechauns, is deprived of the mist-eerie atmosphere without which it cannot breathe.

And I also love the darkness which abides inside the deep and lovely woods of Frost’s poetry, and the light which fractures through unquiet waters in Eliot’s poems, and the eerie atmosphere of the gothic cathedral, which reminds me of the entrails of the great fish inside the sea: a sunken cathedral… my whole Being reverberates, and I know that it belongs to the darkness of the woods, to the depth of the sea, to the mystery of the cathedral… If lights are turned on I am homeless…

I keep asking myself as to the reasons which led me astray and which force me to march in the opposite directions. But reasons I find none. Only suspicions…

I suspect that I do not want to decipher the mystery.  I want questions and not answers.  I want the sea and not the harbour.

p.8-9, The Poet, The Warrior, The Prophet


Soft light
born of earth’s turning
the sunlit and
yet shadowed
all is
as was

Talitha Fraser



God to whom I am but a wrinkle in time
Be a light for me when all other lights go out
Be love for me when all other loved seems unsecured
Can it not be enough to be known by You?
Called by You?
Loved by You?
Give me Your perspective that sees and weighs
what is truly important
I have no control here.
No plan.
Help me trust to Your unfolding.
What will You make?
Give me curiosity, give me wonder, give me You
so that I might never feel alone.

Talitha Fraser

You are the reason



You are the reason

for all that I am

You are the inspiration

and imagination that

makes the world new

You are the hope that

makes light where

light should not be but is

You are the grace that

heals our wholeness

filling and forming

You are the source

of such beauty it is our

hearts hurt and gladness

at the same time.

You are.

You are.


Talitha Fraser





Dr Bronwyn Hughes, stained glass artist and historian

Being creative can be difficult if I approach a project intellectually, but then let go of the idea and let the art speak to me, become a conduit, become reflective and contemplative.  This also happens when I write, I can get stuck but trust that something meaningful will come. I watched the stained glass windows while at church when I was a child. I assumed the windows were ‘old’ but they were in fact ‘new’.  Eyes were known as the window of the soul so craftsmen made the eyes of stained glass images larger. The windows live in the light, illuminate, narrates and alters the light that comes into the church – this art dies in the dark.  Trinity chapel was built at the same time as the war broke out so it memorialises some students and staff who fought.  Plans changed to incorporate imagery of “warrior” saints over the next twenty years. The last panel, the crucifixion, went up once the second war had started.  These windows became memorials of prayer to visit where there was no body and no grave of loved ones lost.  Good, one hundred years on, to still gather here.


This story has become a strong (repeating) narrative, or metamessage, in my life – coming to mind at particular crossroads between easy, straight paths and narrow windy ones. Seemingly simple points of decision making around how I spend my money and how I spend my time that can feel weighted with symbolic meaning.  These are the resources I have, where do I invest them?  Every day that we live is an opportunity to invest in where our hope lies, to build – with whatever we have – the world we wish we lived in. At times the pull to do what is easy, to do what is accepted and expected can be so strong…

“I have seen too many stars to let the darkness overwhelm me”
– Macrina Wiederkehr

“What in me is dark, illumine” – John Milton

(7 Sacred Pauses)

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