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A benediction


the suns warmth

a benediction on my skin

the birds sing

Amazing Grace to You

the breeze stirs

lifting my spirit with it

and I know, all at once,


cloud cover moves in


but it would be too intense

to remain in Your presence always

You are a lot to take in

it is better this way

in pieces

to appreciate and savour You

to be converted to grace

again and again

in discovery – a joy, in acceptance – hope

rebirth in eucalypt spice and…                       <repeat> the sun’s warmth…

Talitha Fraser

the river

I sit in the middle of the river
and the river sits in the middle of me
won’t you come and sit by the river?
sit by the river a while with me

Talitha Fraser

duck pond

In fear aspiring

I fear that what might be my honest, deliberate truth might in fact be driven by my fear, or worse, that I have never been tested.

How do you measure integrity?

In this moment my truth explains, justifies, gives grace to my life. Could I ever doubt, regret, call that into question as some new learning, new light shines into my brokenness?

In every moment we are given a choice about what we do or say – watch TV? Do the readings for Uni? Check for the 5th time in 10 minutes whether someone has retweeted  my tweet? How do we register the frequency of the symphonic harmony of life and step into the dance?

The only thing sadder than a life on the sidelines is not even knowing you are invited…

i tell you arise

Jesus seemed to move around a bit… city to sea, centre to margins; in between the “happenings” the speeches and stories, the healing and the casting out – he and his friends would have spent some time on the road.  I wonder if this was his introverted time to recharge before the gig? Whether they’d process how it went “I don’t know, do you think they get it?”, “OMG did you see that Pharisees face? I thought he might have a heart attack”… Joy or sadness, success and frustrations poured out around a campfire at night, shared around a meal, not ranked recliners but a simple circle on the ground – men and women together, schmick tax collectors and homely fishermen. Despite having people around him all the time I bet there were times Jesus felt lonely in his vocation, times he wrestled with the call, felt caught between the surety of purpose and the unknowing of where the path would lead… and felt fear.

i tell you arise

Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Te Whiti, Dorothy Day, Ghandi, saints, prophets and witnesses have gone in that water, I am not worthy to set foot in it.

Maybe just a toe? I’ll paddle here on the edges –  I can see to the bottom, sure footing… it’s safe here. I can see the way forward and the way back.

What if I’m swept off my feet? What if the current takes me? Where will it take me? I am not strong enough to swim against the current long… what if I can’t get out?

This is the river that baptised Jesus.  This same water that washed his feet and that of his disciples whom he knelt to serve… this water is not of death but of life…

i tell you arise

Talitha Fraser