When Jesus called, he said “Take nothing for you journey…”
Were the twelve afraid?
God’s peace be with you

Did they wonder if they could do these things?
Next to the quality of your ministry did they feel inadequate and unworthy?
God’s peace be with you

Did they want to postpone their journey until they had all the possible things they might need? Until they were sure of their abilities?
            God’s peace be with you

Did they want to hold off on a commitment until they were absolutely sure it wouldn’t be a mistake? Did they ever feel they had no time, no talent, no knowledge, no energy, no guaranteed results?

Jesus said “take nothing”, and they went.

They went with His power.

            God’s peace be with you.

Father God, I want to thank you for ——–, I want to thank you for calling them to be leaders.  There are times when responsibility can seem too much to bear and we wonder how we came to be here, to deserve this trust. That in ‘taking nothing’ we ‘have nothing’.  Grace each of them with the sense of peace of knowing you are with them, the sense of faith that is born of giving up our will to yours, and the sense of love that is born of forgiveness and communion.  May this spirit which passes understanding, and this grace which makes us what we are, and this fellowship of His communion make us one in spirit and in heart. Let them find ease in You who are our leader. We need not be afraid, for you are with us always. In Jesus name, amen.

[Sharing communion @ Kinfolk]