Grab some paper & pens (a long roll and colours might inspire some creative enthusiasm)

draw a horizontal axis through the middle of your sheet – this is for time (your age, the year, whichever you prefer…)

draw a vertical axis on the left hand side of your sheet – this is for showing paid work (above the line) and unpaid work (below the line) and should provide an exercise to map how much you’ve had going on at once…

women of spirit 017

(apologies mine isn’t pretty, some of them were….)


Reflection Questions:

1. At different stages, what have been the priorities that have directed/influenced your work choices and balance between paid work, unpaid work & rest?

2. When you look at your journey, where have you found fulfillment?
In which role or balance of roles?

3. Does the work you do influence the way you feel about yourself?