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I hope this is a time to slow down and pay attention. I hope this is a time to discover. I hope this is a time for re-membering the interconnectedness between us and all things. #awaken #oho

Waste not

Our garden isn’t in good shape, but in one particular corner the soil is full of rubbish – broken plastic, tin, glass… it’s kind of not that safe to work in. I’m trying to get time in our outdoor space regularly figuring every little bit helps, and at some point it will tip to beautiful. The other day I felt a glimpse of that when, in addition to all the rubbish above, I started pulling out whole bottles. After about an hour I had a bunch of them lined up.

I think that it might have been easy to think, “I’m just going to dig out this whole section and get clean fill in here”, but there was something to taking a slower approach, picking through and being more careful with my spade. Someone was careless putting all the rubbish out here but I will be care-full in trying to restore it. When we’re looking for ‘good soil’, maybe it’s important to know there may be things in the bad that are worth keeping as a promise of things to come.

Advent word: Time

I overslept this morning and felt ‘out’ all day. Out of step. Out of time. Outside of time. Hurry up and slow down There’s time yet. #time #wā #adventwords2019

field of purple daisies

The pause between moments
Smells like woodsmoke
Feels like velvet
Sounds like rain
Tastes like dark chocolate
Looks like purple fire.

Between inhale and exhale
There is a whole lifetime
Between past and present
Universes coalesce and dissolve
The world of between
Non-existent, never-ending.

We live there sometimes
Stopping our hearts to live between the beats
Unable to stop the world around us
Unwilling to let go and let time roll forward.
It cannot last, we know this,
But living in the pause can soothe
Can comfort and strengthen us
Allowing us to hold on to the peace of between
And face the inexorable now.


Becky Ellen-Johnson

David’s Cabin

Davids cabin gembrook retreat centre

The new cabin up at Gembrook is ready to host guests! A lovely property to ramble about on – the guiding values of this space for rest and renewal are of hospitality, simplicity, community and care for the land… so think woodfire stove, gas burner, solar powered lighting, tank water, outdoor composting toilet and, you know, a quiet that creeps into your soul and brings you peace. A very affordable getaway to keep in mind next time you need it, or to recommend to others… you can find more about Gembrook Retreat Centre here.

I guess this place has a special place in my heart as a writer. I need time and space to tune in to the voice that is mine and to Listen.  This is a space that has feed my heart, my soul, and my imagination and I think it can offer that to others too – whether you are looking for a walk and getting into nature,   doing deep self-work and feeling impoverished, doing a self-directed contemplative retreat (this one I was using 7 Sacred Pauses by Macrina Wiederkehr), or just want a quiet place to write, write, WRITE.

Gembrook Retreat is like a refreshing well. Come and drink the good water.




Reflections on “Making Space” – Pohl


  •  Keeping them
  • When to release others/ourselves
  • If viewed with scepticism then empty

Important to follow through on commitments that have been made – big or small – be explicit.

The practice of patience and accompaniment – what is the bigger picture we are all called to?

Commit to a slow process and working it out together.

Vanier – more I live in community life, most problems are never resolved but with time and listening stop being a problem… but there’s always another problem.

Listen. See it out in the open àlooks different.

Truth-teller to yourself – ask others to do that. What is the agenda? Is keeping the promise for me or for you?

Miss the value of what is different when we try and colonise.

Ability to listen and be brave – Andreana’s blog

Dewey – all communities will fail if they don’t have a single missional purpose.


Some of my most painful experiences in community (and most powerful and transformative experiences of grace) have been in realising a need to release myself or others of a commitment we have made – can you think of examples of this in your own life? are there ways to learn to recognise this sooner, for ourselves and others , to work for “making space” before there is hurt or a sense betrayal?

 What is the bigger picture we are called to? This is to love each other well – and sometimes that means letting go. Keeping people bound to us by a promise when we should release them can be selfish or even abusive. Using language that assigns blame for break down in this scenario can add layers to that if a person feels guilt for ‘breaking’ a promise and how that affects others. If you release someone from a promise that has a completely different feeling than them ‘breaking’ the promise because they may be in a position where they feel they have no other choice. Ask them, what is the bigger picture they are being called to? It may not be leaving/breaking to go FROM something but to go TO something. Loving one another well is hearing that and supporting it to happen. How many relationships are ending in divorce because it’s so hard to negotiate loving one another well and keeping the larger picture we’re called to in view over resisting change that challenges our own point of view of how things should be. “Commit to a slow process, working it out together. Listen. See it out in the open – looks different.”


What does it mean to be a “truth-teller” to yourself? ‘I am a good person.’ Is that true?

‘I am a generous person’

‘I am a selfish person’

‘I am a good friend’

Pick a statement, one of these or your own, and spend 3-5 mins writing or thinking about the answer. Argue it. Then take the opposing statement ‘I am NOT a good person’ and argue that. Is it black and white? How much does family of origin factor in to some of your practices and responses? Expectations of others and yourself?

Is keeping the promise for me or for you? Think about this in light of the above because our motivations aren’t always clear, to ourselves let alone others.

 You are you and I am me. I cannot expect, and should not try to change, you to respond in a scenario the way that I would myself. My way is not the right way it is just ‘my’ way. Try saying that aloud a few times “My way is not the right way…”