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taking a macro break



ssh… ssh… ssh…
the sea soothes
ssh… ssh… ssh…
the sea moves
ssh… ssh… ssh…
the moving sea soothes
ssh… ssh… ssh…
the soothing sea moves




Sacred solitude


the river
invites you
not to be
but here


yellow pollen blossoms
seeds and pods
spring blooming
all along the riverbank
and blooming


quack says the duck
quack at once mournful
and warning
a calling or a sending
quack says the duck
quack at once guarding
and guiding
a calling or a sending


Talitha Fraser

It is


It is so beautiful here.

Beauty seen.

If you choose the

time and inclination

to see it.

Talitha Fraser


“One does not discover new lands without consenting to
lose sight of the shore for a very long time”

Andre Gide

the horizon paints it all


the sea and sky are moody

much like me…

I came here for perspective

I came here to be free

the wild gives you scale

it is true that I am small

but also interconnectedness

the horizon paints it all

in the system that includes all things

I have a part to play

it is enough to be and do this,

today, and every day.

Talitha Fraser

Rose Valley Falls

003the valley is in shadow
and the water here
runs silver like liquid mercury
a shining wealth
this flowing, life giving
life force commuting the very stones to its course
there is much that can be learned from water
diamonds, starlight pouring from the moss
catching and releasing in the same moment
paying forward what is received
shining in the shadows
hope unlooked for

Talitha Fraser

Rest here awhile


you, dear child

you exert so much energy

trying to be something other than

how you were made.

Rest. Rest in Me and know

that you are loved, you are

a delight to me and I am

proud of you – just as you are.

Come to me those who are weary

and heavy laden and I will give

you a real rest.

Rest. Rest in Me and know

that you are loved, there is no

one else you need to prove yourself

to or meet the expectations of,

there is no ‘right’ way or ‘normal’.

Each person must walk their own path

and I made each of you unique

– though your path may travel along

aside another’s, it may not, or may

not always and it is not given to

you to know the Way… I know

the Way. I AM the Way, and I am

with you always.

Rest. Rest here awhile with Me.

We can go on when you are ready.

Talitha Fraser

A benediction


the suns warmth

a benediction on my skin

the birds sing

Amazing Grace to You

the breeze stirs

lifting my spirit with it

and I know, all at once,


cloud cover moves in


but it would be too intense

to remain in Your presence always

You are a lot to take in

it is better this way

in pieces

to appreciate and savour You

to be converted to grace

again and again

in discovery – a joy, in acceptance – hope

rebirth in eucalypt spice and…                       <repeat> the sun’s warmth…

Talitha Fraser