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Paste up in Paraparaumu today

Ten stolen minutes





Ten stolen minutes

to say

to see

all there is to see

all there is to say

all there is to be

to breathe

take ten minutes

and breathe





Talitha Fraser

Mindful reflection



We did a mindfulness activity at Sunday group last night led by Bron.

For three minutes, take a segment of mandarin and explore it with all of your senses – touch, taste, sight, smell – as if you have never tried mandarin before.  What do you notice?

For ten minutes, focus on your breathing, in and out, sensations in your lungs… chest… nose… Focus on your breath and nothing else. When thoughts, feelings, plans, tasks come… recognise them and let them pass like clouds in the sky above you – a degree removed from them – without judging yourself for wandering.



Rest here awhile


you, dear child

you exert so much energy

trying to be something other than

how you were made.

Rest. Rest in Me and know

that you are loved, you are

a delight to me and I am

proud of you – just as you are.

Come to me those who are weary

and heavy laden and I will give

you a real rest.

Rest. Rest in Me and know

that you are loved, there is no

one else you need to prove yourself

to or meet the expectations of,

there is no ‘right’ way or ‘normal’.

Each person must walk their own path

and I made each of you unique

– though your path may travel along

aside another’s, it may not, or may

not always and it is not given to

you to know the Way… I know

the Way. I AM the Way, and I am

with you always.

Rest. Rest here awhile with Me.

We can go on when you are ready.

Talitha Fraser

God is…

Dec 2013 004

God is in the garden with the grubs and shrubs

God is in the laundry with the taps and tubs

God is in the kitchen with the pots and pans

God is in the bathroom where we wash our hands

God is in the bedroom with the lamp and bed

God is in the backyard with the bikes and shed

God is in you – and also in me

Whatever you look like, wherever you’re from

God lives within us and God’s kingdom comes

Talitha Fraser

The Southerly


black front
enters from the south
invading blue-white sky
a deep inhalation of raw wind
outlines the ribcage with pain
as it scourges clean
all in its path

Talitha Fraser





one breath

that’s it

now another

now you’re getting the hang of it

breathe out

that’s the way

and again

that’s the way

to life

Talitha Fraser

The Word of God is written on our hearts not in our hearts.  Our hearts need to be broken for the word to come in.

Spirit is God travelling incognito – us!

The Spirit breathes energy into our tired souls.  Sustaining anonymously until we know we need a breath of fresh air.  It’s when we feel breathless/”’I can’t breathe” – we cry out for fresh air and the Spirit rises to answer.  Ezekiel’s vision of dry bones. Yahweh a wind that comes like a rush of air àrevival of a group of people.  God will breathe within it.  Coming of the Spirit restored that nation, giving strength and resolve to its people.

Jesus told disciples – not the rules and regulations but the Spirit at the heart of his being that gave him energy to be who he was.  They didn’t get it.  Be empty, open, receptive, create a hospitable space in your heart for the Spirit to come.  Disciples spent time in prayer – not rushing around but waiting until the Spirit came. Pentecost came and they were ready, speaking in tongues. I will pour out my spirit on all people. Spirit descends in ‘tongues of fire – takes ‘nobody’ disciples and makes them somebody.  In touch with core passion – who we were created to be in the first place.  Desire to fulfil our potential.  Creates more light than heat – we won’t burn out if we are being true to who God created us to be.  Need to be our true selves authentically in any situation.

Engage with struggle. No one with an unmet need – glimpses of glory in community.  Disciples fought over distribution of resources – sought the power of the Spirit.  Greater collective and individual control.  In Acts – they choose 7 men who are strong in the Spirit.  All agreed to give power to the minority.  Marginalised given authority to have control and manage affairs for themselves ‘today scripture is fulfilled in your hearing’.  Spirit is not only working in us but working in others – no culture, church, tradition where Spirit is not already working.  Go with the flow.  Grieve when it ends and wait for the breath of fresh air to come again. Fruits of the spirit are love, peace, joyfulness, self control… à where the fruit is, that is where the Spirit is already working.  Arrogant to think it arrives with me. Work with a Spirit of forgiveness and compassion, follow the spirit of text rather than the law. Pray “God fill us with the Spirit that was in Jesus” – a spirit of love and justice.  We don’t have a monopoly on the Spirit but we need to be open/receptive to it.